Learn more about Team Defence Information and the Joint Information Group - Vanguard initiative

The Acronym Search

Team Defence Infomration (TDI) and the Joint Information Group - Vanguard (JIG-V) were tasked with making the Ministry of Defence (MOD) acronyms and definitions (publicly available through gov.uk here) more accessible and easier to navigate. As a result, the 'Mobile Applications' workstream of the JIG-V have created the Acronym Search.

The aim of the Acronym Search is to not only meet the initial brief, but to also be an engaging learning tool which may also be used to impact upon future teaching and learning. Additionally, the Acronym Search is a simple way to show how mobile applications can impact positively upon the Defence industry.

Team Defence Information (TDI)

Optimised delivery of operational capability requires successful collaboration between military, civil service and industry - the basis of the Whole Force concept, or ‘Team Defence’. Accelerated pace of change across the defence enterprise supply chain/support network makes Team Defence Information's role central to coherence work.

We are the trusted ‘organisation-of-choice’, facilitating Industry and the Ministry of Defence (MOD) working together, developing and implementing common solutions in secure information sharing – that facilitate ‘through-life’ support - for efficient and effective collaboration.

Joint Information Group - Vanguard (JIG-V)

The 'JIG-V' is short for Joint Information Group - Vanguard. The JIG-V is a group of new professionals from across defence working together to solve industry challenges, provide thought leadership and challenge the status quo. Made up of representatives from across the MOD, Industry and a series of not-for-profits and trade bodies, the group was formerly launched in September 2019 by AVM Rochelle, Chief of Staff Capability, Royal Air Force at the Future of Aerospace Conference.

The JIG-V is working on a range of strategic themes including Artificial Intelligence, Environmental Sustainability, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Cyber Defence and Mobile Applications.